The Lurgy has us trapped!

So scarlet fever has only been in our house for like a day but we are so board stuck in the house! We have coloured, Played, rested and watched disney films. Joey doesn’t have an actual fever today so I think he is feeling a little better but he is covered in a bright red rash that feels like sandpaper. I’m still waiting to see if it hits anyone else, Penny is very grumpy today so it makes me wonder if she is starting with it.

I find when I am stuck in the house its really hard to motivate myself to get anything done. I’ve attempted to write a list of things to do but so far it’s been unsuccessful. Its Tony’s last night at work tonight then he has four days off, I can’t wait for him to be off! I’m still hoping that we have a chance to be able to get out on our date night.

keep your fingers crossed for me!

Amy x


Scarlet Fever has hit!

Its official our house has been hit with the lurgy! Joey started last night with a temp and red throat then by this afternoon he was covered in a rash and had a bright red face. Luckily our doctors are very good at seeing children and we managed to get him a doctors appointment. So now it’s just a watch and wait to see who gets it next! Hopefully nobody. We are also facing the difficulty of getting him to take his medicine! WOW! the scene he made about it was some show. He was screaming very loud for a kid with a sore throat, It was like some sort of exorcism. To be fair to him I did have a little taste to see what all the fuss was about and Jeez does it taste vile. whoever invents some kind of chocolate flavored medicine for kids will be a very rich person some day (P.S please credit me for the idea if you invent it haha)

Its just our luck that he has come down with this now as we have a date night booked for Friday. I know, I know it’s selfish of me to think but we never ever go out just the two of us and whenever we book something you can guarantee that one of our children will get ill. I have my fingers crossed that he will be better and that Penny somehow manages to avoid it all together.

Pray for me haha

Amy   x