What about our sons?

I’ve be meaning to get this out for a while now, It’s something that really bugs me (although I do feel I may get slated for this feeling). I’m a mother to a son and daughter. We are in the midst of female empowerment , body positivity is becoming more widespread and mental health is becoming less taboo (hopefully). This is so brilliant I’m so happy I am raising my daughter with all these confident powerful women to look up to and aspire to. I see constant social media posts and memes about how we should raise our daughters to love themselves just as they are skinny, curvy, short or tall, that their heart is the most beautiful thing and they need to believe this. Absolutely this is correct! We need to put this in our daughters minds! I have no Doubt about it. BUT!!!!! WHAT ABOUT MY SON!

I only ever see posts about raising sons to be good to women (I will raise be son to be good to anyone and everyone) Over the last couple of years we have been made more and more aware that Male suicide is higher then ever. It’s very rare that our sons, fathers, brothers and uncles feel they can ask for help. I do feel like men get left behind. In a world of equality I sometimes feel life isn’t so equal. I want to raise my little boy to also know that he is beautiful, it doesn’t matter if he is short, tall, muscly he should love himself no matter what! I feel like this message needs to be spread around more too! Men need help with their self esteem just as much as women!

I guess what I’m trying to say is lets empower our CHILDREN not just our daughters! Then baby there will be empowerment all around!

What do you think?

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