My first go at Blogging!

Hi everyone!!

Sooooo this is my first go at blogging! Its something I have always wanted to try but never been brave enough. After some encouraging words from my husband here I am!

So for those of you that don’t know me I’m Amy, I’m 27 and a mother of two children. I have a (not so) little 3 year old boy called Joey and a little 1 year old girl called Penny. As I have already said above I also have a pretty fantastic (don’t tell him) husband Tony…I wont tell you his age he is cracking on abit haha.

I know what your thinking right? oh no not another one of those mummy blogs! I’m not going to  lie and say it isn’t because it probably will fall into this category. When I researched into blogging it says to write about something your at passionate about and for me this is my Family! I’m a stay at home mum and my whole life is filled with my children, Husband, dogs and guinea pigs (I’m abit of a crazy guinea pig lady). I also walk daily with anxiety so I will also blog about how this affects my life and hopefully this will help support or comfort anyone else going through this.

I guess I will finish up there for my first post. I apologise in advance for any spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes I make. I’m no writing pro by any means! Thank you to everyone taking the time to read about me and my crazy little Lynch mob! Hope you enjoy.

Amy  x


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