My first go at Blogging!

Hi everyone!!

Sooooo this is my first go at blogging! Its something I have always wanted to try but never been brave enough. After some encouraging words from my husband here I am!

So for those of you that don’t know me I’m Amy, I’m 27 and a mother of two children. I have a (not so) little 3 year old boy called Joey and a little 1 year old girl called Penny. As I have already said above I also have a pretty fantastic (don’t tell him) husband Tony…I wont tell you his age he is cracking on abit haha.

I know what your thinking right? oh no not another one of those mummy blogs! I’m not going to  lie and say it isn’t because it probably will fall into this category. When I researched into blogging it says to write about something your at passionate about and for me this is my Family! I’m a stay at home mum and my whole life is filled with my children, Husband, dogs and guinea pigs (I’m abit of a crazy guinea pig lady). I also walk daily with anxiety so I will also blog about how this affects my life and hopefully this will help support or comfort anyone else going through this.

I guess I will finish up there for my first post. I apologise in advance for any spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes I make. I’m no writing pro by any means! Thank you to everyone taking the time to read about me and my crazy little Lynch mob! Hope you enjoy.

Amy  x


June 1st…to return or not?

Since Boris announced that he was hoping for schools to get back as soon as 1st June this subject has been big on my mind. As a mum of a reception child it was a huge shock hearing the age groups they decided to send back. Most parents of a child around 4-5 years old will agree they don’t like to keep still for long and you need eyes in the back of your head to watch what they are up to. I can’t even fathom the pressure teachers are going to feel to keep these distancing measures in place.

I’m not up to speed on all the science etc behind this awful virus. I don’t know all the figures or details of age groups mostly affected, all I know is my view as a mother of my children. As I currently write this I am about 90% sure that I won’t be sending Joey to school. Our school has yet to share any detail of their plans on how they will keep the children and staff safe in school. Obviously I want to hear it before I make the best choice for us. I have a little boy who is really wanting to return to all his friends. He also isn’t old enough to comprehend what it will be like to have to try and stay two meters away from them. I mean I’ve seen grown adults who don’t seem to be able to grasp the concept. I want to make an informed choice not just on my wishes but also on his. My sole job is to protect him the best way I can.

I know many key worker children have had no choice but to be in school. This must be so difficult for their wonderful Parents. I also feel that by returning more children to school, that really don’t need to be there, will be placing more risk on those children that don’t have a choice. I am also aware that if we send our children back their core learning is going to be focused on social and emotional well being. They are not going to be able to share toys or take a book out the library to learn to read. I am such a big fan of working on children’s emotional well being, do I feel this is the right way to go about it? No!

The other argument in the topic is that things may not be any better by September. I agree with this completely so why not wait? why not have the time to create proper plans structures etc instead of causing potential distress and upset for around 5 weeks. God forbid Joey became ill and ended up on oxygen or worse a ventilator. Would those 5 weeks of learning social skills from a distance be worth it? NO!

I am speaking only on my own thoughts for my child personally. Every child is different and every parent will have different views. It will be an impossible task to keep everyone happy but I believe this is a time to trust yourself, maybe go against the grain.



The summer term has started!

The Easter holidays are done! When school closed today was the day the children should of gone back. I’ve said it before but I actually enjoy having them at home.

I did a lot of my own Planning as I feel it’s super important to keep them learning and wanted to give ‘proper’ home schooling a go. So I have used YouTube, Pinterest, Twinkl and just general google searches to find out what my children ‘need’ to know for their current age and how to teach it.

Something I have found that I feel maybe hasn’t been picked up or perhaps, in a class for of 30 kids hasn’t been noticed is that my son Joey (5) is really advanced especially in Maths. He can easily do addition and subtraction (faster then my brain haha) so I’ve decided to jump in and start multiplication. I’ve delved into the knowledge of phonics!! I didn’t even realise this was a thing until Joey started school. He is beginning to read a lot more confidently and his writing is improving. All of this is through one to one attention.

Penny (3) should be starting her 15 hours of nursery from today. There wasn’t a space for her in the current school Joey is at until September so she wasn’t going to be starting anyway but I figured I would give her snippets of learning along with Joey for however long I could keep her attention. Now she has been very behind when it comes to her speech due to hearing difficulties, the by no means has ever held her back in anything. We sat down today and I wrote a P and she instantly copied me! That was easy (phew) I kept her attention for around 5 minutes (I guess I’m pretty boring) and then she went for break and never returned. Oh the beauty of home school.

I have done some research into home schooling and what it’s really like but have found that many of the Facebook groups etc are quiet unwelcoming in the current situation and are very quick to say that this is not ‘true’ homeschooling as a lot of it is still teacher led! Through my research I found that homeschooling works best of you don’t turn your house into a school. So I took the approach today of trying to make a game out of almost everything we learnt. My favourite part of the day was when I read a story and Joey acted it out as I read it. It made such a difference and was a lot more fun then just sitting and reading a book. (Btw reading is my absolute favourite thing to do but 5 year olds like to move) I’m still in the process of building new ideas for mummy school as I call it!

We were loud today, we learnt in the garden, we took a break exactly when we needed it and we enjoyed learning with a difference. I’m just trying to embrace what’s been sent to me and really use this time to build on my children’s education but in my own way. I would love to hear and read about other people experience, even if you do it full time!

Thanks for reading

Amy x

Lockdown at the Lynchs

It has been forever since I have wrote on my Blog. I go in and out of my hobbies. I flit about from reading to photography to writing and try and do what ever inspires me in the moment.

So here we are in UK lockdown (is it actually an official lockdown??) We are kind of grounded. At the Lynch house we have been relatively lucky.  Tony is a key worker so his job has continued, I have been furloughed from my Dad’s barber shop so we are not in any financial difficulty currently (well no more then usual haha) Joey hasn’t been to school for around four ish weeks now. I’m loosing count to be fair.  He has taken to home schooling absolutely perfectly, he seems to have come on so much with the one to one learning. We have not been affected as of yet by this nasty virus, if you ask Tony he will tell you that back in February we had the virus. We were so poorly with some kind of chest thing, very breathless and had really high fevers, the doctor only asked us if we had traveled to china and we hadn’t so he sent us on our way with a precautionary course of antibiotics as he wasn’t sure what we had.  I’m sure it could of been anything but Tony is convinced. Our thoughts continue to be with all that are affected and our NHS staff and all key workers fighting on the front line.

I’m probably one of those really annoying mum’s that thrive on having my kids at home. I am absolutely loving it. I don’t really want them to go back to school. I have enjoyed planning their education and watching their little brains learn new things and how proud they are when they do! I don’t think I have every blogged about Penny’s hearing issues and speech delay (maybe another time) but she has come on leaps and bounds being at home and I think having the extra time with Joey has helped. She is starting to speak in short sentences. While I don’t think many people will understand what she is saying I now can and this is a massive achievement for us. She has also absolutely smashed potty training!!

Watching the kids just be kids has been amazing, they can wear what they like, play what they like and learn in a way they like. I have always sort of hated how much our lives are controlled by school. By always I mean since I was in school! I wanted to raise free spirits from the moment I was pregnant and I can really see the influence school has on the kids with how different they have been at home. I am not school bashing in the slightest this is just my feelings. I have spent a little bit of time researching home schooling but I don’t think I am brave enough to follow through with it. Joey also absolutely loves his little friends and does miss playing with them and I don’t have the heart to take it away.

We are very much missing our family, but feel so blessed that currently they are all healthy. My mum has self isolated with symptoms but without testing we will never know if she had the virus or not although she was rather poorly. I hope very much that it wont be long till we are back to normal.

Overall I can’t say that we are unhappy in our lockdown bubble. We are making the most of lazing around, doing things at home that we enjoy and just spending time together. I promised myself that my children would look back on this time and think about how much fun we had. I don’t want them to hold scars of fear, suffering and hardship if I can help it.

My advice to anyone struggling would be, take that time for yourself even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom with a coffee. Let the kids stay up late, lay around in your jammies in the morning, eat those cakes, don’t try and force schooling in a way that a school would, spend the time to find your child’s interests and try and teach them using those. Just enjoy the time that has been given to you to spend every moment you can with them. Soon this will all be over and life will be back to make that special time so much harder to grab.

Thanks for reading!

Amy x




What about our sons?

I’ve be meaning to get this out for a while now, It’s something that really bugs me (although I do feel I may get slated for this feeling). I’m a mother to a son and daughter. We are in the midst of female empowerment , body positivity is becoming more widespread and mental health is becoming less taboo (hopefully). This is so brilliant I’m so happy I am raising my daughter with all these confident powerful women to look up to and aspire to. I see constant social media posts and memes about how we should raise our daughters to love themselves just as they are skinny, curvy, short or tall, that their heart is the most beautiful thing and they need to believe this. Absolutely this is correct! We need to put this in our daughters minds! I have no Doubt about it. BUT!!!!! WHAT ABOUT MY SON!

I only ever see posts about raising sons to be good to women (I will raise be son to be good to anyone and everyone) Over the last couple of years we have been made more and more aware that Male suicide is higher then ever. It’s very rare that our sons, fathers, brothers and uncles feel they can ask for help. I do feel like men get left behind. In a world of equality I sometimes feel life isn’t so equal. I want to raise my little boy to also know that he is beautiful, it doesn’t matter if he is short, tall, muscly he should love himself no matter what! I feel like this message needs to be spread around more too! Men need help with their self esteem just as much as women!

I guess what I’m trying to say is lets empower our CHILDREN not just our daughters! Then baby there will be empowerment all around!

What do you think?

IMG_1288 (2)

Raising tiny humans!

I think one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life is raise a child. There are so many things you have to take into consideration. I think one of the most important things to think about is that you are raising a future adult and you have to think that this very start of their lives is going to shape them as a person for the rest of their lives.

When me and Tony first became parents we often discussed how we wanted to raise our children. One thing we both said was that we wanted to raise free spirited children and I think that anyone that personally knows our children would agree that our children are certainly that!  We want our children to be who ever they want to be, We want our children to love whoever they want to love and we will support them down any path they choose to take. The only thing we ask from them is that they are kind, Polite and respectful.

I have become more and more aware that how we speak to our children is going to be how they think in the future if that makes sense. Sometimes I feel that we as adults don’t always take in to consideration how our children may be feeling. For example if you where angry about something and someone came along and screamed at you, That would probably make you even more angry. So if our children are angry then us coming along and shouting at them is going to make them even more angry, But if we talk to them in a calm and understanding voice chances are they will calm down. Don’t get me wrong I am far from the perfect parent and I do sometimes forget all I have just said and shout, After all I am only human, but I try my hardest to make sure that I show them the respect for their feelings I think they deserve. I realize that in the blink of an eye I’m going to be faced with two stroppy teenagers with the weight of the world on their shoulders. We all remember those years where we are really half child, half adult! I’m sure just as I did my children will get into trouble, make questionable choices, face fall outs with friends and also get their little hearts broken. I want to use the time I have now to show them that if they mess up mummy isn’t going to hit the roof and that together we can face anything. I want them to know we can talk about anything and that I will support them through everything.

Raising tiny humans certainly holds a lot of thought but I know that all we can do is our very best and I hope my tiny humans will live a long fulfilled life achieving all that they want to with me and their Daddy by their sides. 20180603_143138

Amy  x


Father’s day

So I wanted to dedicate a post to my Dad and my husband seen as it is father’s day.

For as long as I can remember my Dad has been a hero to me. He has always been there to make me laugh and to help me out of any problems I have had. He is such and amazing man with such drive when it comes to succeeding in life, He can literally turn his hand to anything and be good at it. I am so proud of my Dad and I know I am very lucky because not everyone gets a good dad in their lives but I did in mine. Watching him become my children’s Pom pom (Joey named him this) has been so lovely, I’m pretty sure he loves my kids more then me haha! He adores their every move and every step and I think he secretly enjoys watching them paddy and play me up as a little bit of revenge for me doing it to him over the years. Thank you Dad for just being you.

Now to my Husband! He was terrified to become a Dad in case he was bad at it but from the minute our children were born he was brilliant. He has never moaned about taking on a night feed or changing a nappy. I love watching how much the man I love loves our children. I know no matter what happens in life my kids will always have a strong, caring and hard working man to rely on. He will show Joey how to be a gentleman and he will show Penny how a gentleman should be. He works so hard to provide for us all and he still comes home and helps with jobs I often fall behind on. I love watching his childhood imagination come to life when he plays with Joey and how he melts inside as he watches Penny’s cutest come out. Thank you Tony for being my children’s Dad.

We are so bless to have you both in our lives and we are so grateful for you.

Amy x

p.s You are both lucky to have us to haha!

Date night update

We had such a lovely date night. We went out for a Chinese and it was so lovely to be in each others company. I think it was one of the first date nights since having kids that we didn’t just sit and talk about our kids! I think it is so easy to loose your relationship when you have children because they fill so much of your lives up. It’s so important to find that time for just the two of us because one day our children will fly the nest and it will just be us two again.

The kids had a lovely time at their Mamar’s house Penny was please to see us but Joey didn’t want to come home! Charming haha! We will definitely be doing it again sometime soon.

Amy x

The next step.

Part of the reason I started this blog was to find something to do to keep my mind busy in the quiet moments. I wanted to do something I loved and that is writing. I might not be brilliant at it, I might not know all the correct grammar and even sometimes the correct spelling but it helps and I enjoy it so that’s all that matters.

I wanted to be open and honest about my Journey with anxiety. As I have said before it is such a taboo subject and people including myself are afraid to openly talk about it. I think it’s partly because for anyone that hasn’t been through it, it’s difficult to understand. On Friday I went to my first therapy session. I have decided that I need to work through my issues as I don’t want to be on my medication all my life. I want to be able to work on my own mind to make it strong enough to eventually be without it.

When discussing what road I wanted to go down the therapist gave me two options. She said that we could do as follows:

counselling sessions

These sessions would focus on past situations and we could talk them over and work through any feelings I had surrounding them.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

These sessions are designed to help focus on the right now. We can’t change our past and we can’t control our future. This therapy helps you learn how to focus on the now. It gives you techniques to cope with stressful and worrying situations.

I have decide to got for the CBT. I don’t really want to dwell on my past, Like I said it can’t be changed. I also don’t want to waste my time worrying about things that may or may not ever happen. I want to live in the now, I want to enjoy every minute I have and I want to raise my children with this mindset. I don’t want to pass any of my anxiety to them.

So this is the journey I have decided to take. I will update you all on my sessions and I will pass on anything that I learn. I hope sharing my story can help at least one person out.

Thanks for reading!

Amy X


Date night!

Well we have made it to date night!! So far Penny hasn’t caught scarlet fever and Joey’s antibiotics have kicked in and he is feeling much better. So I have packed them up and will soon be taking them to my Mum’s house.

We are so excited to go out and actually enjoy a meal and not have to inhale it. I think its so important to have some time for just us and to actually have a conversation that isn’t interrupted by one of our children. I always get a bit anxious leaving the kids. Even though I know they are in good hands with my Mum I just like to be there to tend to their every need! I think this is maybe the second time I have left Penny even though she is almost 15 months, She has been such a bad sleeper but I am sure I will miss her more then she will miss me. Joey is very excited to go as he has been stuck in the house most of the week with scarlet fever.

I’m going to go and check their bags for about the 100th time now to make sure they have everything they need haha!

Thanks for reading!

Amy x



The Lurgy has us trapped!

So scarlet fever has only been in our house for like a day but we are so board stuck in the house! We have coloured, Played, rested and watched disney films. Joey doesn’t have an actual fever today so I think he is feeling a little better but he is covered in a bright red rash that feels like sandpaper. I’m still waiting to see if it hits anyone else, Penny is very grumpy today so it makes me wonder if she is starting with it.

I find when I am stuck in the house its really hard to motivate myself to get anything done. I’ve attempted to write a list of things to do but so far it’s been unsuccessful. Its Tony’s last night at work tonight then he has four days off, I can’t wait for him to be off! I’m still hoping that we have a chance to be able to get out on our date night.

keep your fingers crossed for me!

Amy x